What is Hammam?

In the hammam, your body is cleansed from head to toe. This ritual takes place in a humid steam chamber, where a Tellak, a hamman attendant, will douse you with water before applying the black soap to your skin and exfoliating it with a kessa glove. our hammam ritual closely follows the ancient cleansing principles of the hammam tradition. 

We use 100% natural black soap and a traditional cleaning soap made from crushed olives and olive oil. The soap is infused with eucalyptus, which provides antibacterial and antiseptic properties to ensure an even, deeper cleanse. 

The main point of difference is that our hammam is a more private space, which can be enjoyed on your own or shared with friends. After the ritual, you will be served a glass of traditional Moroccan mint tea to help restore the balance of fluids. 


Only £40 per person 

Group bookings fit up to 6 ladies at the same time.